Land and Transport Division

Accessible transport services based on good infrastructure and competitive services are important for more dynamic and inclusive growth across the country, as well as improving general quality of life. Good transport improves links within the Kingdom and between the Kingdom and the outside world. It facilitates the movement of people for business and pleasure; helps lower the cost of goods and increases opportunities for tourists and the export of goods and services. As local experience has shown many times, to make an effective contribution to our vision, these transport services must also be safe and reliable.

Proactive systems of rules, regulations, policies and enforcement, consistent with Tongan law to guide the safe, secure, reliable and affordable operations of Land Transport Services in Tonga.

The particular organizational output designated for Land Transport can be achieved by the proactive and successful performance of the operational activities proposed under its functional organizational structure. The successful performance of Traffic & Road Services will assure that by the end of the corporate year, Land Transport’s output will be achieved.