Marine and Ports Division

The Marine and Ports Division was under the leadership of the Director for Marine and Ports the whole year. The Director is responsible for the overall operations of Marine and Ports. The functions and responsibilities of the Division are divided into the following units:

  • Maritime Safety and Security Unit;
  • Maritime Environment Unit; and
  • Outer Island Ports Unit.
  • Administration Support Unit


Maritime managed to recruit two (2) vacant positions for a Marine Officer Engineer and a director for Marine and Ports in 2014.

Senior Marine Environment Officer holder, was the successful applicant for the Director for MPD position. Therefore, the Director recruitment left the Senior Marine Environment officer position vacant.

A Maritime Advisor, Mr. Fazlur Chowdhry, had been approved in July to work together with Maritime in 2014 funded by the World Bank through the TSCP program. Mr. Chowdhry contract completed in September 2014.

Maritime operates under the following maritime legislation

Cabinet approved reviewing of maritime legislation as well as drafting. MPD reviewed some of the maritime legislation including the existing Shipping Act and drafting of maritime Regulations during the year 2014, using the guidance of the PIM Laws Model Legislation. The drafted legislation were submitted to Crown Law for review and legal advice for further actions. The following were developed:

  • Maritime Safety and Registration Act
  • Maritime (Vessel Registration) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (STCW Convention) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (ISPS Convention) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Safe Ship Management) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Pilotage) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Dangerous Goods) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Commercial Vessel Safety) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Small Vessel Safety) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Fishing Vessel Safety )Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Pleasure Vessel Safety) Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Carriage of Deck Cargo0 Regulations 2014
  • Maritime (Carriage of Passengers) Regulations 2014
  • Admiralty Amendment Act 2014
  • Admiralty Regulation 2014
  • MOT Interpretation Amendment Act
  • Port Safety Act 2014
  • Port Safety Regulation 2014


Reviewing of the Marine Pollution Prevention Act, 2002 had been approved by Cabinet and to be funded under GFA Program. Port Management Act as well as Ports Authority Act, yet to be reviewed.