Cooperate Services

Corporate Service Division

Corporate Services Division operates efficiently and effectively based on appropriate balance between available budget and desired outputs and also excellence services through change and innovation. Corporate Services Division organizational outcomes is to operates efficiently and effectively based on appropriate leadership, oversight, coordination, and implementation of Ministry’s outputs in accordance to available budget.

Timely and effective internal financial management system and quality advices to internal customers.

1.1 Budget Control Weekly reports

On a weekly basis, Finance section strives to provide reports on how the Ministry’s budget is being utilized as well as revenue performance.

1.2 Update Asset Register

The Ministry’s assets were able to be recorded and updated to a single database. The division is responsible to its updates given that it will liaise with other divisions through confirming and monitoring the location of each individual asset as at 30th June.

1.3 Budget Estimates

Consultation and draft preparation of budget estimates for each new financial year has been the end output of this Division. All technical divisions have supported this process throughout the year.

1.4 Financial Management

Our team working tirelessly to support other Head of Division to control expenditures and explore way forward to meet revenue target despite shortage in professional staff.

1.5 Internal Audit

Ministry has no Internal Auditors, however, senior staff in the division are carrying out tasks required by mandates or requested by Executives.

Corporate Services provides appropriate support to facilitate management for making evidence based decision

2.1 Human Resource & General Administration

The section transferred to Policy and Planning to improve internal check and balance mechanism; which allows Corporate Services to make evidence based decision.

2.2 Finance connection to Sun System

The Sun System operations are about 95% connectivity due to internet faulty services and power failure.  Our ministry opts to connect to both ISPs to reduce disruption time and avoid crisis of associated activities.

2.3 Update of Transport System

IT section is seeking additional funds from World Bank; under Transport Sector Consolidated Project 2 (TSCP 2); to improve ministry systems and ministry networking

2.4 Niua Subsidy Administration

There were no subsidy paid in 2014/2015.