Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Division

The Ministry is plan to achieve its Organizational Outcome through strengthening the operation and regulatory framework of this Division. Delivery of its outputs requires CED to draft and develop a new Civil Engineering Act to be a guiding instrument for the operations of the Division. CED will also develop an operational structure for the implementation of related transport civil works such as minor Road services that includes maintenance works, car mechanical repairs, car penal beating, and development plans for current and new petrol stations, heavy plants and potential government quarry. Under this Division also they will manage beautification fund as required of MOI. All major infrastructure such as causeways, assisting with construction of airports and wharfs forms part of CED critical roles. Capacity development in terms of process requires that CED will to ensure approval of its propose Act and any supporting regulations and policies during this current period. Human capacity is a major factor to ensure appropriate capacities are available to resource and achieve its plan.

Appropriate systems of rules regulation, policies and enforcement to guide safe, secure, affordable, sustainable and environmentally sound engineering works on major Infrastructure in Tonga.