Building & Control

Building and Service Control Division

Building Control Division (BCD) who have responsibility for enforcement and planning of related policy and regulation within the building construction sector. This Division is planning to successfully complete revision of its current Building Code and regulations as well as implementing it during this planning period. BCD plan an increase in the scope and number of building inspections activities to be carried out inclusive of urgent assistance to the reconstruction of Ha’apai (IAN Project) as well as other critical Government projects such as Saint George Palace construction. This plan also identify the critical need to assess, monitor and evaluate current and new entrants into the building construction sector for compliance purposes. BCD is also planning to improve on its number of public awareness programs to ensure general public and its related clients are to be updated of changes to building code and regulations.

Improved Professional Advisory and development of a Construction Maintenance and Planning System to all Government Buildings and Quarters.

Building Control operates to ensure that we have an improved and revised Building Acts & Regulations to control building services in Tonga. On the other hand, we Building control & services strives to assure that the Ministry have an improved professional advisory services and a developed construction management & planning system of all Government Buildings and Quarters.

The Ministry output assigned to BCD will be proactively achieved if the functional structure are completely implemented and performed. The achievement of the Division’s organisational outputs will surely achieve a better control system for Building and Infrastructure and services in Tonga. With a better control system the Ministry will be able to achieve a more reliable, safe and affordable building and other structures that are more inclusive, sustainable, affordable, safe and reliable.